The 5 Best Reasons Why You Should Book Your Session

Nobody ever thinks about it and yet fine art nude is THE perfect opportunity for those who love both photography and the art of body expression and wish to be the main character of an artistic work.

There are obviously not only good photos around, but for the sake of this article I am going to dot the I’s straight away: this is about high end photography, “la crème de la crème”. And why should we be so elitist? Because in artistic nude photography, nobody wants average shots. Everyone wants art.

On another note:

There are many important secrets you need to know when you choose the perfect photographer, whatever the genre may be.

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Reason 1

It's very rare & exclusive

Very few photographers do nude photography in a professional and fully dedicated manner. Even worse, almost no one makes a living out of it. As a result, there is a very limited offer and the public is not even aware of it.

On the other hand, rarity makes it a particularly exclusive product, which is a luxury. This exclusivity can even turn into uniqueness if in addition your photographer has distinctive style and/or is an awarded artist.

At the end of the day, when you're booking for such an exclusive shooting, you're actually offering yourself an experience almost nobody else has.

Reason 2

It's artistic & timeless

Nude photography is an artistic discipline in its own right. Depending on your personal taste, you can choose among breathtaking photographic styles, offering for example elegant, refined and sophisticated images, all in nuance and suggestion, without ever going beyond the limits of good taste.

Plus, and this is where it gets interesting, artistic nude photography is loaded with meaning. Where boudoir photography runs out of fuel for lack of substance and nobility, nude photography offers you the possibility to communicate more than the simple beauty of the shot. It conveys a message, an emotion and talks about you and your own story. It does it wonderfully and that’s what give a photo its value.

That’s also what makes it timeless.

Reason 3

The physique does not matter

You may be thinking the contrary, but having successfully photographed plenty of people with different body shapes a singularities, I can tell you don’t need to look like a model. Actually, you don’t even need to know how to pose.

A pro photographer knows how to take your concerns into account, but above all he/she will know how to give you confidence, guide you throughout the session to make you incredibly beautiful and ensure your photos are worthy of magazine covers.

Do not focus on your "flaws". When a photographer has good style, taste and knows how to guide the poses in the smallest detail, the results are not long in coming.

In this field, the technique does not make the good photographer, it’s the art of creating confidence and facilitating collaboration which makes all the difference.

Reason 4

You don't need to strip completely

So yes, as the word suggests, nude photography assumes you're not exactly going to hide your skin. However, it would be a shame to deprive yourself of such an experience just because the thought of having to take your clothes off bothers you. You can very well decide to do the shoot with your preferred underwear (some work better than others), without changing the mood and looks of your photos. Your best bet would be to talk to your photographer about it and explore your best options.

Either way, for this kind of photography, you should definitely talk to your photographer beforehand so that he meets all your requests and also understands what your real expectations are.

Reason 5

You can have a guarantee

This is a massive point in your favour. No one ever thinks about it, which is logical since the same photo could be judged good or bad depending on individual tastes. Despite this subjectivity, you can still make sure you have a signed contract that includes for example a clause granting you to see the photos immediately after the shooting and allowing you to request a refund (or a re-shoot) in case of dissatisfaction.

Obviously, you will need a valid reason. If your photographer has done the job according to the rules of art and in the artistic style which was expected, you might have your claim rejected.

On the other hand, if the poor quality of your photos is attributable to the photographer (he or she hasn’t done anything to make you feel comfortable and/or has not guided you throughout the different poses or hasn’t managed to take the agreed number of good shots, etc), you should be entitled to get refunded.

Having such a guarantee for an artistic nude session is a formidable advantage. You can go to your session with an easy mind, knowing you won’t throw the cash out the window.

What comes next?

There are many other things I could tell you about this subject, but I'm glad you have learned what matters the most: fine art nude photography is the Holy Grail of those who want to treat themselves with unique and stunning artistic shots.

If this beautiful art attracts you, you may probably want to learn more.

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