Do you provide pose coaching?

Yes, of course. We want the photos to be as perfect as possible, so you will always benefit from my guidance on all poses and all details that make a photo so special. Some small elements have great importance, like the position of hands. If correctly positioned, they communicate a feeling and support the photo’s intention. When not, they create a conflict with all the rest. The posture of hands has an unconscious signification, they symbolize states of the mind. Many other “details” have a meaning, like the eyes, the mouth, the shoulders, etc. I never underestimate these elements as taking an artistic photo is like writing a letter, one error and the meaning could be compromised.

Do you provide make-up?

Yes. I have a very talented professional make-up artist that does an astonishing job. She is present in every shoot I make and this service is always included.

Who will be present during the session?

You and I plus my make-up artist. She’s a lovely person and she usually assists me during my sessions. If you wish her to leave the set after the make-up session, I’ll take care of it. You can also bring someone at the session if you wish.

Can I bring someone with me?

You can bring anyone you wish as long as you limit to one person. Make also sure that your guest will be as unnoticeable as possible during the shooting. In all cases, I will brief that person on a few rules guests have to respect during the shooting.

Do I have to go nude?

No. But the women who want to book a session with me do it because they want my style of fine-art nude photography, which gives great results. I’m here to give you my best advice, but I’ll be completely happy with the choice you make. There’s a lot of options we can use to get you covered, like silk or semi-transparent fabric, etc. Please be aware that I do not provide such items, so you will need to bring them at the session.

What kind of props can I bring?

I encourage you to bring only your preferred jewels (earrings and necklaces generally work pretty well) and the accessories you think may suit. We’ll have a look at your items in the studio and decide what can contribute to the quality of the photographs.

Can I bring my outfits?

Yes, you can bring the outfits that you want to be photographed with, as a backup in case you finally prefer not to pose completely nude. However, I suggest you only bring lingerie and avoid outfits that do not fit with my photographic style. If you are not confident with certain body parts, you can bring outfits which can dissimulate but do not hide too much skin.

How long does the session last?

I like to make sure that my clients feel relaxed without having to stress about it. The session itself starts when you’re ready and can easily last 3 hours. Even so, I bet you’ll be surprised to see how quick it goes by.

Where will the session take place?

Outside of Madrid, my photo sessions take place in professional photo studios around Europe, situated as close as possible to your location.

Can I call you a few days before the session just to make sure everything flows?

You can and you should. I may be a busy person, but I always find time for my clients and friends. It is important for me that all your questions are answered before the session, so please do not hesitate to ask me anything you have in mind.

It’s hard to believe that your photos haven’t been taken with professional models…

I understand, yet all of the photos you can see have only been taken with persons who were not models and had very little or no experience. Subsequently, some of them collaborated with me in other shootings for my portfolio, but I never show photos with professional model to my clients. Why? Because I think it’s the easiest way to prove that you too can obtain such wonderful photos of yourself with just a little bit of help and goodwill.

Will you take good photos of me?

Yes, I will. I take my work and passion very seriously and I have very high standards of quality. As an artist, I aim at creating exceptional photos with every single client, whatever their size or looks may be. Each client has different expectations and a special body shape, some poses may not work for everyone, but there are so many that you can be certain your photos will be amazing and of art magazine level. I’m also very good at coaching and taking care of my clients, making them feel good and getting things done the easy way. I want you to live an amazing experience and to give you the best images you’ve ever imagined!

What if I feel nervous?

We will have plenty of time to know each other, talk and relax during the make-up session. As soon as you get to know me and my make-up artist, you will feel that this is a very relaxed ambiance and soon you will be with complete confidence. The moment we kick off with the first pose, you will realize this is a very professional session and you will enter the game and do it perfectly.

Do you retouch the photos?

Yes, retouching is included. I use different techniques like tone adjusting and frequency separation at pro level. I also remove blemishes, bruises, spots, cellulite, stretchmarks, etc. I improve the photo’s global aspect and its details to magnify the artistic side. However, I do not retouch features that are part of what contributes to your identity, like burns or birth marks. Depending on your wishes, I can wisely adjust the lighting during the session to hide what you’re feeling self-conscious about and to emphasize your best features instead.

When will I be able to see the photos?

During the session, I’ll be constantly showing you the results straight out of the camera and at the end of it, if you have time, we can sit down together and take the time to debrief and check the complete set of photos in the computer. We’ll talk about what’s best and get a good overview of the session. But the real selection process can take several days in order to make sure we make the best choice.

When will I receive my products?

Once your photos are selected, we will send them to the fine-art lab and manufacturers (Italy and Germany). Their craft is incredibly qualitative and needs a bit of production time. I will then personally control the products before securely sending them to your home. This whole process normally takes between 6 and 8 weeks.

Will my photos be displayed on your website or social media platforms?

No, I take privacy issues very seriously. I often work with public figures and I never disclose intimate material involving my clients. I also only work with labs and manufacturers that abide by the same discretion rules. Every client signs a contract which also details privacy matters.

I’m ready to book, what’s the next step?

Send us an e-mail at bookings@marcobarberaphoto.com and we will get back to you to give you all the information you need and answer all your questions. The booking is done when the session fee is paid (valid for 2 persons) and contract is signed.

What is the minimum age to book a session with you?

The minimum age for a fine-art nude session is 18 at the date of the session.

How far in advance do you book?

Somewhere around 4-6 months. Sometimes it’s less if I have sessions planned not too far from your location.

Is it possible to book a weekend session?

I’m a travelling photographer, so when I’m out for a photo week, I also book sessions in the weekend, even Sundays, but they tend to be full rapidly. In Madrid, Sunday shootings must be exceptional.

Can I offer a fine-art nude session as a gift?

Yes, gift cards are available for purchase and will be delivered to you in luxury packaging. Contact me for more information.

Will I have the possibility to order more products?

Yes, your photographs are still available for orders for at least 1 year after the date of your session.